Tourist Signs to Castle

Tourist Signage to Bothwell Castle.

Taken from recent correspondence between Bothwell Community Council Chairperson Bob Greenshields and Historic Spokesperson Malcolm Brown………

…..  “It has been confirmed that it would fall to Historic Scotland to apply and pay for any new directional tourist signage.

For signs in Bothwell and Uddingston, application would be made to South Lanarkshire Council and obviously we must adhere to their tourist sign posting policy.

For signs on Motorways and Trunk roads, Historic Scotland is bound by regulations enforced by Transport Scotland, a department of the Scottiish Government. My colleague Susan Loch forwarded to you a copy of current signposting guidance ………..    “that to qualify for motorway signage we would need to have welcomed 50,000 visitors in each of the previous three years….”      which unfortunately is not the case at Bothwell Castle.

Malcoln Brown continues with positve feedback on our Chairman’s recommendation of a further 2 signs within the Bothwell/Uddingston area.

“I am more than happy to look at these locations and investigate whether we can apply for new signs  to be erected. If you send me a note of where the signs should be located it would be most appreciated. Also, if you can provide details of road names, that would be really helpful.”

…………..however a note of caution prevails………

“It should be noted however, that this process can be quite lengthy and in some instances these schemes can take years to progress.

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This post was written by admin on October 2, 2008